How to cut vanilla beans

Always keep finger 1/2″ behind knife.
If bean is hard, soak it in liquid until soft (milk or water, or liquid you will be using)
Use paper coffee filter if you don’t want to show the seeds and bean in your recipe.
If you want your coffee to have real vanilla flavor, dry the vanilla bean until hard and drop a piece into your coffee mill before you grind your coffee and adjust to taste and cups.



A 7 to 9 inch vanilla bean will weight approximately 5 grams and will yield about 1 gram or 1/2 teaspoon of vanillin seeds. Half that amount should be enough to give flavor to a recipe for 4 to 5 people.
Remember that the vanillin seeds are the essence and flavor of the vanilla, so it is important that the skin be as thin as possible. You want a “plump” bean with a thin skin; you want lots of seeds with little moisture . By gently squeezing the bean between your fingers, you can tell how thick or thin the bean is. When the seeds are scraped out, they should come off the skin easily, and no mush residue should be present. If you see so called “sugar crystals” coming out of the bean use then do not discard the bean they are pure vanillin crystals.

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