Vanilla Beans Rough Cut for Extraction



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Vanilla planifolia is the original vanilla, which was replanted in all the other countries, such as Madagascar, PNG, Indonesia, etc. It’s quality depends not on the country of origin, but on harversting time.The longer the bean stays on the vine, the better the quality. Use vanilla planifolia when you want the traditional, original vanilla flavor in your recipes.

It takes 13.35 oz, to make a gallon of extract. 4 oz, to make a quart.

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Vanilla Beans Rough Cut

2oz Tahitian, 1/4 Lb Tahitian, 1/2 Lb Tahitian, 1 Lb Tahitian, 2oz Planifolia, 1/4 Lb Planifolia, 1/2 Lb Planifolia, 1 Lb Planifolia

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