Saffron Quality

How does it happen?

           How can you get Quality in Saffron?

QUALITY HAPPENS when you take out the YELLOW which has NO culinary value and leave in the stigmata RED upper part and this is where the saffron is everything else is irrelevant to the quality of saffron. If you leave YELLOW it will increase the weight because of the yellow (which has no culinary value) and what’s even worst the moisture it traps inside the yellow which will (A) increase the saffron WEIGHT, (B) shorten the shelf live of the saffron and (C) SPOIL the flavor as the saffron will become MUSTY. This is one of the most misunderstood aspects of saffron. While we allow some “piece of yellow” here and there to make sure it is not tinted. We do NOT allow it long (yellow) everywhere as it will trap moisture and add MORE weight. Without the yellow, the casing around the RED will “evaporate OUT the humidity” during the saffron curing/drying and make the saffron HARD like a crayon and this will INCREASE the quality parameters of saffron color, aroma and taste. Again, it has NOTHING to do with where it was grown but rather how it was prepared before drying and this is what makes the BEST SAFFRON take out the YELLOW and you get quality. If you do not cut the yellow it will trap moisture that is why you cut/separate TOP RED from the yellow completely and discard (yellow) The yellow part (stamen) twice as long as the RED (stigma). Yellow stamen adds moisture and makes LOT of room for cheating (Yellow + moisture trapped).

Saffron is the ONLY spice that gives color, aroma and flavor.

Saffron does not need any other spice to enhance its flavor, aroma and color because in and of itself has everything your paella needs (or any other dish).