Saffron Prep Kit


You can MAKE saffron power yourself. NO MORE GUESSING, finally you can MEASURE saffron accurately with saffron from Vanilla, Saffron Imports.

By being able to makes saffron powder from saffron threads you will save a LOT of money and time. You will use less saffron and will get ALL the flavor, aroma and color out of saffron.
Saffron threads take up to 24 hours to dilute. When we cook we are always in a rush so when you use the saffron in threads you are wasting your money if you do not soak prior the saffron prior to cooking. Worst when you just throw the thread into the dish as you are cooking. By making your saffron threads into saffron powder you will use less and get more. But even when you make it into a powder you should soak it at least 2 hours to get the most flavor, aroma and color. Many users of saffron get frustrated with saffron because they do not have the patience of extracting the unique flavor, aroma and color of saffron and just by leaning a few steps as you will be amaze at the uniqueness of saffron.

Snap open the saffron chest, open the saffron container and familiarize yourself with the simple instructions enclosed.
Once you have decide how much you want to use in your dish (for example) you making a dish for 4 people you will need a PINCH a pinch has 4 drops (1/8 of a gram or .125gm). watch video

Since there is NO QUALITY issues with our saffron as this is the BEST saffron you ever used. Now you have to decide how to get the MOST out of the saffron PINCH. The best way to proceed is to make it into a powder A. Because you want to measure it correctly and B. Because you want to get the most out of your saffron threads you make the threads into powder and soak the saffron power also after you measure what you need. Saffron threads take up to 24 hours to dilute and it is hard and almost impossible to measure a pinch of saffron threads unless it comes premeasured or you have a chemist scale. By crushing /pulverizing the saffron in our mortar you will reduce the extraction process and will get more FLAVOR, AROMA AND COLOR, but even when you crush it you still need a couple of hours of soaking as you want to get the most out it even if it only cost you 0.26 cents for the pinch or only 0.06 cents per DROP= 1 serving or 1 cup of tea.. (Price based on the cost of an ounce of saffron).


Most of saffron users are hesitance to use saffron powder because of concern of that “quality parameters of the saffron powder” and I have to agree with them as “powder saffron is always open to lower quality or outright cheating and the same is true of saffron threads. Only when you buy saffron from VSI (Vanilla, Saffron Imports”) you are guarantee ABSOLUTE HONESTY on your purchasing of saffron threads of saffron powder by the only way to measure saffron quality photospectrometry. Your caution and concerns have to be address because of the cheating going on and this is why we have to created a fail proof “SAFFRON PREP KIT” where you the CHEF/CONSUMER is in control of the quality of your saffron at all times whether you want to use the saffron threads or make the threads into powder. Read and familiarize yourself with the enclosed Analysis Report or go to these videos.