Saffron Origin

All saffron quality claims are “”saffron for profit claims nothing more””. Saffron quality is MEASURABLE by spectrometry every else is BS, bad saffron. The same claims apply to vanilla beans is all about the vanillin in the beans and this can be also measure by spectrometry. Saffron quality has nothing to do with the country where it was grown as saffron farmers always do a good job in their selection of their corms (bulbs) before they plan to maximize profit (the problem of saffron quality arises by how much yellow is left in the Stigmata. In low quality saffron the yellow is taken out. In higher quality saffron the yellow stamen is taken our reducing weight and moisture… So the saffron corm will produce good equal quality saffron in every country where is grown and harvested no matter what. There is always the same quality parameters on the harvested saffron flowers. The Picrocrocine, (flavor). Safranal (aroma) and Crocine (color) has a “”potency range flower output”” during the life cycle of the corm/bulb which could have up to 5 years or more of production depending on the quality and size of the corm. It is the saffron farmer who decides what his saffron corm selection will. And, since saffron farmers always wants a good saffron harvest they will always separate and select the best saffron corms from the past harvest before he plants his corms the following season. All the saffron from different corms, fields and farms is mixed and ends up packed in the saffron container you purchased. At the end of the day quality can only be measured by spectrometry as it is impossible to do it other way. All the other “”information”” creates confusion for the consumer and it is heresay. So points 3, 7,8,9 in the lab report are the ones you must familiarize and scrutinize. With your order of saffron you will get our current lab report once that batch of saffron is gone there will be a new lab report and so on.”