Saffron portions equivalents to paella using our saffron measuring spoons

(If you try to measure in thread form you will never be accurate as it is impossible to measure unless it is powder. All the measurements in the internet, pinches etc are inaccurate as they do not take into consideration the quality of the saffron which is the most relevant aspect of our presentation. Saffron recipes are always misleading in both quality and measure accuracy.

One drop of saffron for each person/portion = 0.03125 of a gram (remember 1gr of saffron = to 1000mg so one drop powder is “approximately” 30mg. and base on the cost of $59.95 per oz you get 907 portions per oz which makes a serving cost 0.066 cents a drop.
If you make paella for 4 people/portions, the saffron needed will be 4 drops OR a pinch .125 look at the saffron measuring spoons (remember .125 is an 8 of a gr of saffron)
If you make paella for 8 people/portions, the saffron needed will be 8 drops OR 2 pinches .125 and so on, if you want to add another one to the 8 just add another drop you will always be accurate.
If you want to add more people you add another DROP and so on. If you want to increase the portions is fine.

Extracting the saffron to get the most out:
Most of us forget to put saffron to soak prior to cooking if we do is always very short time and the result is that we never get all the saffron color, aroma and flavor. When you consider that it takes saffron 24 hours or more to release by not soaking we are wasting a lot of saffron. The best way to get the most out of the saffron is to pulverize it and to soak it also even in powder form you must soak it for at least 2 hours and better if you do it 6 minimum. If you like to drink it as a tea just put it in a bottle one cup of water to ONE DROP of powder. Do a few cups at a time and leave in the fridge and use for tea or cooking it would never spoil as you will be replenishing it.

Saffron: Is the spice for paella and no other spice will do and saffron it is not expensive when you buy it from Vanilla Saffron Imports as it only cost 0.4 cents per serving. There is only ONE way to make paella and it is with saffron. Yes, there are a lots of ways to make paella but there is also lots of ways to spoil paella. It is easier and cheaper to do it right with our saffron.
Paprika: If your recipe calls for adding paprika to your paella do not use it as it will neutralize the saffron. Paprika does nothing to the paella but to spoil it.
Chorizo: Also has paprika and when you add it to the paella it will again neutralize the saffron. All chorizo adds to the paella is huge amounts fat/lard. That does not mean that you cannot make chorizo tapas to be eaten during the preparation of the paella.

ONE DROP OF SAFFRON POWDER (0.03125) , is the MEASURING STANDARD for saffron usage and you can build up from there using our measuring spoons.

Saffron Measuring Spoons

5 pieces in one set

Good quality and durable
To meet the various measuring demand in kitchen, cooking, medicine making and others
Material: stainless steel
Function:tad/dash/pinch/smidgen/drop measuring spoons


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Includes: 1 tad, 1 dash, 1 pinch, 1 smidgen and 1 drop
Tad:1/4 teaspoon
Dash: 1/16 teaspoon
Pinch: 1/24 teaspoon
Smidgen: 1/32 teaspoon
Drop: 1/64 teaspoon

Additional information

Weight .16 lbs
Dimensions .5 × .5 × 4.5 in

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