Consumer Guide to Saffron Purchasing Update II April 2018


 but by numbers and these numbers add to quality and SAFFRON QUALITY can only be measured by photo spectrometry.

Dear saffron Chefs and saffron ​users​.
After 40 years in the saffron business and ​twenty years since I first wrote the “Consumer Guide to Saffron Purchasing”​. ​ I feel that is time to write the Saffron Consumer Guide II​,​ as the ​miss​ information on saffron and a HUGE amount of cheating ​by “the chain” ​ who want to keep the saffron consumer on the “saffron clouds”​ continues unabated​. I am writing this saffron update as a saffron student an​d ​NOT AS A SAFFRON EXPERT as there a “thousandths” out there I wish and hope that they stop taking information out of our site and put it all over the interned I am not asking you to give us credit but just don’t take it and use out of content as it creates more confusion for the consumer.  

​Food writers keep cranking the same boring saffron articles​ full of misinformation​​. ​Exporters sell their saffron without clear​ guide​lines as to quality​ parameters so the consumer can make choices. Importers always try to sell at the highest price with the lowest quality​ which they do not bother to understand. ​The ​C​hef, ​Culinary​ student or home ​Chef​ does not have CLEAR SAFFRON GUIDELINES ​nor​ SAFFRON PURCHASING PARAMETERS TO COMPARE​. Saffron writers leave ​to the consumer to FIND “reputable saffron importer/exporter​/supplier​”​. How can you find a REPUTABLE SAFFRON SUPPLIER ​ when no ONE in the saffron industry has come forward to explain the parameters of saffron. Saffron quality via laboratory parameters and it’s relation to price is the ONLY way to understand saffron. These measurements/parameters can ONLY be calibrated by spectrometer which is the ONLY exact science. I am going to present these parameters in more detail than I did in my first “Consumer Guide to Saffron Purchasing”. ​ The detail and accurate saffron information version that will cover from saffron quality to saffron measurement​/ lab analysis ​ so you the saffron consumer will know exactly what kind of saffron you are purchasing​ and demand laboratory analysis report otherwise do not buy the saffron​. Be advise that these saffron guidelines apply only to our​ VANILLA, SAFFRON IMPORTS saffron and ​CANNOT be apply​ed ​to other saffron brand​s.​​ (Please do not ask me to “analyze” other saffron brand, don’t waste your time).. However, by becoming familiar with our saffron guidelines you will be able to purchase the right saffron ​*​OURS which you will discover to be ​HIGHEST quality parameters and lowest price. ​ ​(* I say “OURS” and I mean it ​as none of the others compare in price or quality. Top price does not mean top quality and lower prices means lower quality so consumer be aware. You MUST educated yourself if you are going to use saffron as this spice is the MOST complicated and most open to cheating. In the top saffron guide you can go directly into the saffron section you want by pushing the key that interest you. For the culinary students I can assure you to get an A on your next saffron spice test.
As a restaurant Chef you will be able to use less saffron and get more saffron aroma, flavor and color and REDUCE your saffron cost by reducing the amount used in your dish; and for the first time in​ your dish​ you will be proud to present your saffron creations to your restaurant patrons​ WITH FULL QUALITY PARAMETERS: CROCIN, PICOCROCIN and SAFRANAL.​

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