Explanation of Saffron Measurements & Equivalents


1 kilogram equals to 1000 grams
1 gram equals to 1000 mg
1 gram has 8 pinches equals to 32 drops or portions
1/2 gram equals to 4 pinches
1 Pinch equals to 0.125 of a gram
1 Pinch equals to 4 drops
*1 Drop equals to 0.03125gr which equals to a portion of saffron good for one serving / cup of tea / one pill supplement
Ounces Equivalent Cost Portions/drop/servings
1 oz 28.35 grams $59.95 cost per serving 0.06609702232 cents
So, saffron is not expensive when you buy it from Vanilla Saffron Imports.
Dash 1/8 teaspoon
Pinch 1/16 teaspoon
Smidgen 1/32 teaspoon
Drop 1/64 teaspoon

Cost of our saffron

1. $59.5 per ounce in an ounce you have 907.2 drops/servings. Includes the saffron, mortar and pestle and measuring spoons. 

2. You get in an ounce 907.2 drops or servings

3  The price per serving/drop = *0.0550595238 =one cup of tea.  1/4 cup of rice.  A pill.

4. Remember this ONLY applies to our saffron.

(I don’t care about the “competition” as we have NONE to compare to us in quality or price). 

Inferior quality parameters make for inferior and more expensive saffron on the long run as you will use more of the others saffron brands in terms of amount and you will NEVER have the same quality “taste, aroma and color” in their saffron results as you will with our saffron.


 (Please note that our estimates ONLY work with our quality saffron if you use other saffron it will not come up to way high parameters)

1. For rice one serving is 1/4 uncooked rice per person so you will need ONE DROP.
How much rice is one portion and how much saffron do I need? Saffron in a cup of tea? Saffron in a pill for “whatever application”?
2. A portion of saffron is a drop. = 0.03125mg of a gram. (0.0550595238c per serving/drop

A. In a paella (a drop) it will cover the saffron needed for the RICE

but you will need another drop of saffron for the chicken, seafood and vegetables. You are talking about a portion of rice for a person is 1/4 cup uncooked and you add 1 drop of saffron or more depending on your taste. When you add the chicken, veggies, clams etc you may want to add another drop of saffron as the overall “portion has already increase in “volume” to 3 or 4 times by the time is cooked and serve. In other words you increase the amount of saffron in relation to all the ingredients not just the rice. That is why the center and source of taste in paella is the SAFFRON and not the meats, veggies, sea food etc. (and if you add chorizo is NOT PAELLA but rotten pot). If you weight the 1/4 cup of rice 1/4 cup of chicken, 1/4 cup of veggies, 1/4 cup of seafood that would be an overall portion for one serving which will require 4 drops of saffron or 1 pinch to get real taste of saffron in the paella. (Some people will say that would cost a fortune in saffron A. not when you use our saffron.


B. By just eliminating the chorizo

at $9.00 per 7 oz you have money left for a LOT of saffron expecially when you use ours at O.04 cents per drop if you use 4 drops or 1 pinch the cost is ONLY .16 cents of excellent, 260 units of saffron color

The rule

*CONCLUSION: One DROP of saffron powder 0.03125gr is the MOST accurate measurement of saffron and therefore the STANDARD ratio of portion to person.