Paella Pans

Do paella right every time. No burns, no oiling, no rust! The Best paella pan in the world or your money back!

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Paella Pans

For the last 30 years we have brought you the best saffron. Now we’re bringing you for the first time in the USA, the best professional paella pans! Other paella pans are of 1/32″ thickness. Ours is 1/8″ thick. While other paella pans are made out of steel, ours is made of aluminum, which diffuses heat evenly, for a perfect paella every time.
Unlike steel or stainless steel, our paella pans do not get burnt spots, which means that they do not need to be scrubbed with steel wool. They are easily cleaned with soap, water and a regular scrub sponge, which we include with your paella pan.
Our professional paella pan does not need to be oil because it NEVER gets rust.

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